About Us

Tasked with the mandate of bringing hope were lost and giving voice to the voiceless, Human Rights Radio and Television has over the years through its flagship programme, but not limited to Brekete Family has bridged the phantom gap between classes spanning across religious, political, racial and mental or physical abilities.

Although Brekete Family has run on terrestrial radio and television as well as on various social media platform with millions of followers across the globe, Human Rights Radio and Television was commissioned by the Honourable Minister of Information Alhaji Lai Mohammed on 13th February 2017.

Studies indicate that when injustice is meted to people and their rights to justice is trampled upon, and also no one shows genuine concerns, the victims in most cases are constrained to take to the alternatives of self-help and often turns to cases of misplaced anger. Allowing such situations to degenerate will certainly deny the society another opportunity of climbing a sure step towards building a peaceful society that is rightly positioned to achieve sustainable development; this the cause of Human Rights Radio and Television.  More precisely, Human Rights Radio and Television is driven by the quest for the following:

    1. To give voice to the voiceless.
    1. To provide suiting support to victims of human rights abuses, administrative and social injustice.
    1. To engender positive change in our society and stir the recovery of our lost social values.
    1. To restore the dignity of the Nigerian nation and rebuild the Citizens’ eroded hope in the nation, its government
      and institutions.
    1. To give the weak, the downtrodden, the indigent, and the vulnerable (irrespective of his/her religion, tribe,
      gender, color, nationality, etc.) a sense of protection and empowerment to go beyond their limitations.
    1. To promote, Equity, Justice, fairness and peace amongst the people for sustainable development.
    1. To support uprightness and patriotism and provide people with encouragement to do more for a better society.
    1. To provide the people with an independent platform to fight corruption, and persisting social ills.
  1. To continue research, progress and constructive activity in the area of nation building, crime prevention and
    sustainable development on the foundation of equity, justice, peace and patriotism.