In case you are just hearing about Brekete market for the first time, I will be glad to inform you that the Brekete market is that program dedicated to keep you updated on the products and services available on the Brekete online store, that is the Brekete Market place  which by the way can be assessed on

With a smart phone, or a computer enabled with the internet, you can assess the brekete online store on the address

The website is up and running however at this time the brekete online store is not available for purchases. You will not be able to buy any of the items on display; they are for demonstration purposes for now.  As soon as the store is launched, you will be able to make purchases of the various products we will be displaying. We have got vendors for different products and services.

Who can purchase on Brekete online store?

The store is available to anyone who is interested in purchasing any item he or she is able to purchase depending on your financial capacity. You do not need educational qualification or to be certified in some way to be able to buy any product from the Brekete online store. All you need is to be able to use your ATM card to buy online.

As an added feature, the Brekete online store has made provision a dedicated phone line to assist anyone who may not find it easy to buy online or who is not internet savvy. This is a special feature that will also be made available when the website is launched

What about sellers who are still interested in joining the Brekete Online store as vendors?

At this time, we have registered well over 2000 sellers and vendors on the Brekete Market platform and opening for new sellers to come on board has been closed for now. However as time goes on, we will be able to allow new sellers to come on board. Ensure you keep listening to the Human Rights Radio to get updates on the Brekete online store as they come

What is the process of purchasing a product from the Brekete online store?

The process of purchasing products from the Brekete online store is simply by selecting the item of your choice and clicking on buy; however when the store is launched, we have put together short videos tutorials that will provide guide on how to make transactions on the store and other relevant video to assist you on the various features of the website.

How are products purchased delivered to the buyer?

We have put in place a delivery logistics that will enable products to be delivered to the buyer at door step. We also are working at creating hubs where the items can be picked up by the buyer.

If you have just tuned in, the program is Brekete Market on Human Rights Radio and Television 101.1 FM Abuja

On the Fair pricing policy of the Brekete Market, how is the price of the products arrived at, so that the buyers enjoy the Brekete market fair pricing feature.

What does the bulk purchase feature mean and how will a buyer benefit from it.

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